The Evolving Art and Science of Pavement

Paving methods with durable surfaces

9/23/20231 min read

Paving roadways is an ancient yet ever-advancing art. From ancient Egyptian stone slabs to the infamous network of Roman roads, innovative pavements have long shaped civilisation.

The global history and technologies behind road paving's progression can be observed while traveling through North Africa, Crete, Greece and Italy, reviewing iconic Roman infrastructures. With the empire's collapse, roads crumbled until recovery began in medieval France and England.

Visionaries like Telford and McAdam improved paving methods with durable surfaces. Major leaps came through machinery, pneumatic tires, and bitumen in the modern era. Today's dramatic capabilities stand on the shoulders of history's great minds.

Yet advancement continues. With rising populations and vehicles, we push the envelope on speed, smoothness, safety, and sustainability. Smart pavements even charge electric cars while driving.

Paving is a living history lesson in perfecting mobility and connectivity. As landscape professionals, we inherit millennia of ingenuity while forging new frontiers. The road ahead promises excitement as we lay the next-generation foundations for how our world moves.