Landscape architecture is a means to address the main environmental challenges of our time – it is needed more than ever to stop climate change, contribute to the revival of biodiversity, and continually protect and improve the natural and built environment.

Houston ★ Texas, USA

Greening The Industrial City - This masterplan proposal aimed to revitalize an industrial park built over a once vibrant natural waterway. Through creative interventions, the design exposes this lost asset to green and beautify the industrial area while addressing neighborhood concerns.


Havana, Cuba

The purpose of The Cuban Square - SCENE/SEEN masterplan is to transform the public square so that it is experienced in a new positive way – as a landmark in the heart of Havana. Bringing people to the plaza is the ultimate goal.

Dobrich City Centre

Dobrich, Bulgaria

The masterplan aims to revitalize central Dobrich through an integrated approach focused on improvement, optimized design, reimagined public spaces, sustainability, enhanced accessibility, and better urban integration. The proposals create an uplifting vision for Dobrich's heart by addressing these key objectives holistically.

Private residence

United Kingdom

This residential landscape design integrates sensitively within the surroundings (AONB). Inspired by native colours and textures, hardscaping features natural stone and timber that blend with the setting. Planting beds of hardy natives attract birds, pollinators and wildlife by providing diverse food sources and habitats. Strategic lighting illumination creates a warm ambiance for residents after dusk. The design balances human comfort and connection to nature.