Exploring the Urban Jungle

Where Concrete Meets Canopy

10/4/20231 min read

The urban jungle is more than just a metaphor - it's a living, breathing ecosystem where human-made structures and natural landscapes intersect in fascinating ways.

As a landscape architect, I'm curious by how plants can soften cold hard buildings and bring an organic feel to inner cities. From ivy creeping up brick walls, to trees bursting through cracked pavement, nature always finds a way to thrive amongst concrete and glass.

Some of my favourite examples of the urban jungle include:

  • The vertical gardens of Singapore's Tree House condos, with over 900 trees and 65,000 plants built into the facade.

  • The High Line in NYC, an elevated linear park that reimagined abandoned rail tracks as an urban wilderness retreat.

  • Bosco Verticale in Milan, where architects integrated 900 trees and over 20,000 plants into twin residential towers.

Beyond just greenery, the urban jungle is also home to resilient wildlife like birds, insects and small mammals that adapt to cities. It's a dynamic ecosystem showcasing the amazing synergy between human and natural designs.